Kel-Lite original test lightKel-Lite Original Test Lite

This light was:

  • Shot with a 38 four times
  • Thrown off of 6 story building onto cement
  • Thrown from a moving car (50mph) onto blacktop road
  • Thrown into a block wall three times

The bulb had to be changed two times. We were able to unscrew all parts of the light. And after the final test the light worked great.

“Finest flashlight for sport and general use every made!”

From letter by H.C.M.

Reseda, California

Excerpts from unsolicited letters

“Recently I purchased one of your shock proof lights. The men in my district admire it as I do and I would like additional price lists to pass on to them.”

Chicago Police Officer

“As a reserve Deputy … I recently purchased one of your 5-cell flashlights. Your new concept in design and manufacture is very exciting and most certainly fills an open gap in the law enforcement flashlight need.”

Whittier, California

“I recently purchased a 5-cell flashlight of your unbreakable type. To test it, I bit my tongue, shut my eyes, and threw it the length of two cars and height of a railroad car. NOT ONE DENT. Just a couple of small scratches. The bulb wasn’t even damaged!”

Los Angeles Police Officer

“Please send me 50 order forms for your flashlight. The men in my division really think you have a hell of a light. It really sells itself.”

W.U. Los Angeles Police Officer

“The Kel-Lite flashlight purchased from you sometime ago is as important to me on my hunting and fishing trips as my fishing rod or gun.”

Glendale, California

Elvis’ Personal Kel-Lite Flashlight

Elvis Presley holding his personal Kel-Lite, along with close-ups of his flashlight. Caption within the image reads: Elvis' Personal Kel-Lite Flashlight = This is Elvis' personal Kel-Lite policeman's flashlight. In the early 70's Elvis would always have this flashlight with him. He used to demonstrate how you can use it as a weapon (hitting someone with it, or throwing it, etc.) and when finished it would still work. One night in Las Vegas after a show, Elvis is giving a group of people a demonstration, after tossing it around for a while, he tells them, 'After all that, it still works!'

This Kel-Lite flashlight belonged to Elvis’ head of security. Elvis gave him the flashlight.