Kel-Lite Generations

1st. Generation:

Designed by Don Keller from 1969-1972 included the Large head KL model, The small Head SKL and the C cell CPL models.

All models were made 2-7 cell. Locations of manufacturing included San Dimas & Covina. Plastic slide switches. Later models of the 1st generation lights were also produced for a short time in BarstowSpecialty lights included the 1 Cell D size small head which used two ½ D size eveready batteries 1.5v ea. 2 cell D size small head with mounting bracket for High Standard Model 10, 12 ga. Shotgun. The first aluminum weapons mounted flashlight.

A few rechargeable tail caps were produced to fit the QualTech charger which converted the D cell Kel-lite into a rechargeable flashlight. This was the first aluminum rechargeable flashlight.

2nd Generation

Metal slide switch design by Norm Nelson from 1974-83 same head styles as above and added a medium head. Also included the Baton light and Stud Light. Metal slide switches. Produced in Barstow, CA. Tail cap stamped with Barstow and longer for storing bulb.

3rd Generation:

Designed by Nelson & Streamlight, 1983 until approx. 1985. Medium head only with push button switch. Produced in Barstow, CA. and Norristown, PA. Kel-Lite attempted to get into the rechargeable market with a tail cap charger, only a few were actually sold.


BARREL MARKINGS 1st. Generation:

  1. Kel-Lite name behind the switch cap. 1969
  2. Kel-Lite name and San Dimas behind switch cap.1970
  3. Serial number next to switch. 1971
  4. Cell size behind switch cap (D-5) & serial numbered. 1973


TAIL CAP MARKINGS 1st. Generation

  1. Knurled edge, no markings (only several hundred manufactured) 1968
  2. Plain edge, no markings. 1969
  3. Plain edge Kel-Lite Industries and Covina stamped in cap 1970-1973
  4. Plain edge Kel-Lite Industries and Barstow stamped in cap 1974

Available colors: Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Red.

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