Welcome to the Official Home of the Original Kel-Lite Flashlight NEW

Welcome to the Official Home of the Original Kel-Lite Flashlight

World’s Finest and Strongest Flashlight



Drop it! Hit it!

Kick it!   Or throw it!

Without fear of damage

Near indestructible lifetime flashlight

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy
  • non-breakable lens
  • steel reflector
  • pin point beam
  • all parts interchangeable
  • adjustable and replaceable switch assembly
  • anodized inside and out
  • rust proof
  • knurled non slip hand grip

Kel-Lite … originally designed and developed by a law enforcement officer for law enforcement use only … is the ultimate in flashlights for every use. Ten models are available in sized from two to seven cell units all constructed of sturdy age hardened aluminum. It can be dropped, hit, kicked or thrown … and immediately used with 100% reliability. Only Kel-Lite offers a lifetime durability guarantee … only Kel-Lite offers a “near indestructible” flashlight.

Law Enforcement



Civil Defense







The Kel-Lite was designed for policemen by a policeman. He had enough of his flashlights unable to stand the hard wear of police work. 100% reliability was required, often to save lives. He believed other officers would pay a little more for a light they could trust. They did.

Now hunters, boaters, fishermen, campers, mechanics, firemen and security officers have discovered Kel-Lites. They know Kel-Lite can be dropped, banged, struck, even run over by a vehicle and still deliver bright, long range illumination.

You should enjoy the same advantages of rugged durability and reliability. Get yours today. It’s the last flashlight you’ll ever need to buy.

Accessories include fine, plain or basketweave leather holders and red and amber reflector cone assemblies. Engraving is also available upon request.

Kel-Lite — In Black, Gold, Silver, Maroon, Blue and Green. Colors other than black are special orders only.

Kel-Lites are acid and water resistant, no more corrosion problems.

Also inquire about our 1/2 size D-batteries. Give your flashlight 2 times the power with our special batteries. Make your 3 cell light equal to a six cell etc.

At the present time Kel-Lite Industries, Inc. is working on a new underwater diving flashlight. Any request for further information should be directed to the Underwater Division of Kel-Lite Industries, Inc.

Now available for use in hundreds of applications and fields

Kel-Lite is the ideal heavy-duty flashlight for law enforcement, security officers, firemen, mechanics and general industrial use as well as use by sportsmen, yachtsmen, pilots, and for home, farm and ranch, camper and auto use … in any application where there is a need for a flashlight that will stand up to hard usage … a flashlight that offers 100% reliability … at all times … Kel-Lite is the answer. Kel-Lite’s ten models offer a choice for every need. Flashlights are available in the following colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Maroon, Blue, Green.